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Pride and ambition run rampant when an off-kilter high school football star finally meets his match.

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This dramatic short film stars Chris Fornataro (Bad is Bad) and Denzel Whitaker (Black Panther) in a brooding character portrait of an elite high school football star consumed by ambition. When Will faces defeat to an outsider in a series of races, the demons keeping “The Machine” running finally surface.

Set in the unique backdrop of wintertime Richmond, Virginia (the former capital of the Confederacy), the title character embodies the city’s conflicted, tumultuous history.


Kent Lamm Director/Writer/Editor/Producer

Kent is filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia who has been honing his craft since age 11. He's won awards as both a director and editor, but is best known for his first feature film, Bad is Bad. Made for only $6k, it went viral with millions of views online. Kent is based in LA. See more at


Chris Fornataro

Actor, writer, painter, and former D1 running back - Chris can do it all. Also a Richmond, VA native, Film Threat labeled him "a name to remember" after his powerful leading performance in Bad is Bad, which he also wrote and produced.


Denzel Whitaker
Executive Producer/"Joe"

As an actor, Denzel has performed in such films as Black Panther, The Great Debaters, Bad Lieutenant, and Training Day. In recent years, he has established himself as a filmmaker and photographer in his own right - creating content under his production company, Blackmouf.

John Trefry (Producer)  As the founder of 4WT Media, John has extensive experience running numerous productions for Fortune 500 companies and original films including Bad Fan and DRAIN which are both 4WT Media productions. 

James Mitchell (Producer) An accomplished producer with numerous credits for both film and TV, as the Creative Director for the production company 4WT Media.